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Oven-Baked Automotive Painting


Oven-Baked Automotive Painting

Take advantage of the dust-free environment which results in a more stable application of a coat of paint. This dust-free environment makes the car oven an ideal place for automotive repainting; Autoease has it all. If it were to be performed outside, dust would readily settle on the wet paint, giving the whole car a speckled look and a rather course finish, instead of the glossy and smooth finish you expect.

We provide enormous advantages over conventional oven technologies, including improved product quality, consistency and superior flexibility.

With Heated temperature maintained at a constant setting, individual paint molecules are evenly distributed across the surface of the car. This creates a very even layer and color of automotive paint. Additionally, since the paint molecules have been sprayed onto the car in exactly the same environmental conditions, they are better able to bond with each other. This creates a stronger and more durable paint finish.